Out of the 7 books that I read on my vacations,this one was ‘the one of the best’.

It is the story about  Hiroko Tanaka, daughter of a “traitor” father, who hates Japan’s militarism and she lives in Nagasaki. She works in an arms factory during the war-time even though Japan is losing. She also speaks German along with many other languages and translates for Konrad Weiss,  a  man who has come to Nagasaki because his half-sister Elizabeth and brother-in-law James Burton do not want a German relative living with them in Delhi while a war goes on in Europe and later falls in love with him.

When the atomic bomb is dropped in Nagasaki.Konrad Weiss dies but Hiroko survives, bearing the scars of the bomb on her back  shaped like birds.

Hiroko seizes the opportunity to leave for India, and turns up at the Burton’s’ home, unsure of what to expect. Elizabeth soon warms up to her. Hiroko begins learning Urdu from Sajjad Ashraf, a young Indian Muslim and legal apprentice of Burton. Inevitably, they fall in love, despite the Burton’s  warnings and then get married….

What happens next,read the book and find out…



One of my friend gave me this book and I was disappointed….I felt as if Lois Duncan had left a lot of things and had just jumped to conclusions…So,it really wasn’t that great.

The story is about 4 friends and a girl who isn’t their friend (hummm) and a teacher.The four friends happen to be David,Mark,Betsy and Jeff…The “non-friend” is Susan, an ugly nerd…Hardly the heroine type….The English teacher happens to be Brian Griffin who is strict and never accepts late homework.After giving F’s to the 4 friends who failed to give their paper to him on time, they decide to kidnap him.Just to scare him.

Susan is a good student however, due to the sheer pressure she decides to take part in this kidnapping and also because she has  a crush on David….After that,they make a plan and kidnap Mr.Griffin.How?Read to find out.

However,Mr.Griffin dies….How?Read the book…

And then,people start to die…and they realize that a killer is on the loose..

Then, the book goes on and on.It’s OK…Read it and tell me how did you find it…




Read this book a while back and liked it a lot.So,here is a little bit about it:

The book starts with Greg,David,Shari and Micheal wondering what to do that day.They decide to go to the Coffman House said to be abandoned  and has many weird stories attached to it.They enter the house and start to wander around.They go to the basement Greg finds a camera and takes a photo of Micheal who is standing at the staircase but the railing gives away and Micheal falls down.But Greg had already taken a photo and instead of showing that Micheal is standing,it shows that he is falling.However,while trying to explain how the photo got taken the friends hear footsteps and they flee the house.

Later,we are shown that Greg takes a photo of his father’s brand new car but instead of showing it to be brand new,the car is shown to be crushed.He afterwards takes a picture of his brother who is sitting on the computer but the photo shows him standing in front of a house and looking worried….

To find out what other horrifying events the camera predicts read Say Cheese And Die….



I bought this book recently and it was AMAZING!!!!So here’s what happens:

So,while reading the book you come to realize that  our beloved Percy Jackson has lost his memory.He wakes up from his long sleep and he doesn’t know a thing except for his name.The she-wolf Lupa tells him that he is demigod but that still does not help him to recover his memory.Lupa however trains him to fight.Then,we come to know that Percy has made to a Camp Jupiter but he had to fight Gorgons on the way who hate him because he killed their sister Medusa.Then,he meets someone who tells him to cross a river and he saves someone and makes two friends….You’ll have to fill in the blanks yourself,I’m afraid…..

Remember,i told you that he made friends,well,they were Hazel and Frank.

Hazel is old and by that i mean very old…She is supposed to be dead….She didn’t have a good life before because she was cursed( what type???find out by yourself) and a certain Voice took over her mother and commanded her to use Hazel’s gift for an evil purpose.Hazel couldn’t so no and because of that mistake,the world of the future is at risk….

Frank is a big,clumsy guy.His grandmother says he is a descendent of  ancient heroes but poor Frank doesn’t even know who his father is.His father is actually Apollo(or Mars or Ares)the God of War.Frank hopes Apollo will claim him because he is good in archery…ONLY in archery.His big appearance makes him feel like an ox, a clumsy one at that especially in front of Hazel whom he likes….His life depends upon a piece of stick,by the way….Why?How?You’ll find out once you read the book….

Together they have to  go to Alaska,free Thanatos i.e The Death Angel and have to come back to the camp by the 24th of June or they will die….



Recently,I read this book by Christopher Pike:The Last Vampire.It was a pretty good book,i suppose.

This book is about a 5000 year old vampire whose real name is Sita but goes by the name of Alisa Perne.She was born in India when she was 7 years old.At that time, a disease strikes her village and most of the people including her pregnant friend, start to die.A priest comes to the village and says that he will be able to drive away the disease by calling a demon,Yakshini, which will be invoked into the body of Sita’s friend.The demon soon after entering the body,kills the priest and vanishes.However,Sita believes that the demon has entered her friend’s dead baby.Her father rushes to save the child but Sita runs towards him from the place of her hiding and tells him to kill  the baby as it contains the devil.Her father tells her to make the choice of either letting the baby live or die.

Sita gets confused and her father tells her that the only way to know that the baby is either evil or not is to let it live and grow up…..

The book starts by showing that Sita is sitting in a Private detective’s office who is interested in what she is and how much money she has even though she has no business or anything.Sita relises that somebody knows her secret and is after her.She kills the detective and realizes that she has killed him too early.She needs info on the person who is after her and all the info,she supposes,The detective has on his PC.However,she doesn’t know the password and she realizes that maybe his son would know.

From here on wards,everything happens very fast.She enrolls into the son’s school and just after meeting him,she falls in love with him….JUST LIKE THAT.The reason she gives?To her,Ray(the son) looks like Sita’s old husband before the time when she was a vampire…So,yeah,that’s the reason she gives.

Sita finds out that the person after her is her creator,Yaksha.He wants to fulfil the promise he made to Krishna that is to destroy every vampire.But Sita is under the protection of Krishna as long as she doesn’t make another vampire.

Somehow,Yaksha finds a way to injure Ray by making him fall down by shattering the window against which Ray was standing.I don’t know why he was standing so close to the window….Anyhow,Sita wants him to live due to her IMMENSE love for him…and so she makes him a vampire and hence,Krishna’s protection is lifted from her since she has made another one of  her kind.

Anyway,to find out how she gets rid of Yaksha,read the book…The book is interesting especially all the history but it moves too fast.If you like Vampires then go ahead,read the book.You’ll enjoy it.





Angiosperms have alternation of generations with the 2n(diploid)  sporophyte generation being the dominant generation. The anthers(male), which are the equivalent of microsporangia, produce microspores by meiosis, and the microspores develop into male gametophyte (pollen).

The ovaries(female), which are the megasporangia, produce megaspores which grow into female gametophytes, each of which then produces an egg..

By some means (wind or an animal pollinator), the pollen is transferred to the stigma of the pistil, and a pollen tube grows down into the ovary. Eventually, two sperm nuclei travel down the pollen tube. Pollination is the transfer of the male gametophyte (pollen) to the stigma of the female, while fertilization is when the sperm nucleus and egg nucleus unite.



Angiosperms have an unusual thing called double fertilization. When the sperm nuclei reach the female gametophyte, one sperm nucleus and the egg cell unite to form a new 2n zygote (which grows into an embryo). The other sperm nucleus and two nuclei from the female gametophyte join to form 3n ( triploid: one sperm nucleus and the two nuclei) endosperm which often serves as food for the embryo.

The embryo sporophyte consists of:

    • one or two nutrient-storage areas called cotyledons which are in contact with (and absorb nutrients from) the 3n endosperm. Seeds of some species, notably the monocots (think: wheat, corn), store their nutrients primarily in the endosperm, having very small cotyledon(s) which only absorb nutrients from the endosperm as needed, while other seeds, including many of the dicots (think: walnut), store most of their nutrients in their cotyledons and the endosperm is very small, often reduced to a papery coating (like that of a peanut).
  • the epicotyl (epi = upon, over), which is the region above the cotyledon(s), and which will become the stem and leaves,
  • the hypocotyl (hypo = under, beneath), which is the region under the cotyledon(s). The lower end of the hypocotyl, which becomes the root system, is called the radicle ( root like).




McKenna Brady thinks her junior year of high school is going to be the best ever when she’s welcomed into the elite group of popular girls at Weeping Willow High School led by blond, gorgeous Olivia Richmond.

Prior to junior year, McKenna was known in her small town as the girl whose twin sister died in a tragic house fire, and she’s overjoyed at the prospect of redefining her identity. She has a date to the Homecoming dance with Olivia’s handsome older brother, and a good chance of being elected to student council. For the first time since McKenna’s parents divorced, things are looking up.

But everything changes the night of Olivia’s Sweet Sixteen sleepover birthday party. Hannah, the shy, mysterious new girl in town, suggests that the girls play a scary game called Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, during which Hannah makes up elaborate stories about the future ways in which beautiful Olivia, brassy Candace, and athletic Mischa will die. The game unsettles McKenna because she’s already escaped death once in her life, but she doesn’t want to ruin her friends’ fun. It’s only a game, she reminds herself.

But it doesn’t seem like a harmless game a week later when Olivia dies unexpectedly in a violent car crash, exactly as Hannah predicted. And something begins haunting McKenna’s bedroom at night, leaving her clues that all seem to point to Hannah. McKenna enlists the help of her cute next-door neighbor Trey in finding out exactly what kind of curse Hannah has put on all of the popular girls in the junior class.

As Hannah rises to popularity and seemingly steps into the life Olivia left unfinished, McKenna and Trey know they only have a limited amount of time to bring an end to Hannah’s game before more lives are lost.


I watched this movie tomorrow and one of the best movies ever!!! Here is a bit of  the beginning scenes of the movie:


In April 1938, a voice representing the Angel of Death (Roger Allam), tells about how the young Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nélisse) has piqued his interest. Liesel is traveling on a train with mother (Heike Makatsch) and younger brother when her brother dies. At his burial she picks up a book that has been dropped by his graveside (a gravedigger’s manual). Liesel is then delivered to foster parents Hans (Geoffrey Rush) and Rosa (Emily Watson) Hubermann, because her mother, a Communist, is in danger. When she arrives, Liesel makes an impression on a neighbor boy, Rudy Steiner (Nico Liersch).

Rudy accompanies her on her first day of school. When the teacher asks Liesel to write her name on the chalkboard, she is only able to write three ‘X’s, showing that she doesn’t know how to read. Later that day, she is taunted by her schoolmates who chant “dummkopf”, “fool” in German. One of the boys, Franz Deutscher, challenges her to read just one word to which Liesel responds by beating him up. She impresses Rudy and they become fast friends. When Hans, her stepfather, realizes that Liesel cannot read, he begins to teach her, using the book that she took from the graveside. Liesel becomes obsessed with reading anything she can get her hands on.

Liesel and Rudy become members of the Hitler Youth movement. While at a Nazi book burning ceremony, Liesel and Rudy are bullied into throwing books onto the bonfire by Franz, but Liesel is upset to see the books being burned. When the bonfire ends and everyone but she has left, she grabs a book that has not been burned. She is seen by Ilsa Hermann (Barbara Auer), the mayor’s (Rainer Bock) wife.

Hans discovers that she has taken the book and tells her she must keep it a secret from everyone. One day, Rosa, her stepmother, asks Liesel to take the laundry to the mayor’s house. Liesel realizes that the woman who saw her taking the


book is the mayor’s wife and she is scared she will be found out. Instead, Ilsa takes her into their library and tells Liesel she can come by anytime and read as much as she’d like. Liesel also finds out about Johann here, who was the son of Ilsa and is now missing. She realizes Ilsa feels deeply about the loss of her son and thus, had made a library to commemorate him. One day Liesel is found reading by the mayor who not only puts a stop to her visits but dismisses Rosa as their laundress. Liesel continues to “borrow” books from the mayor’s library by climbing through a window.

For the rest, watch the movie….




Cnidaria means needle from Greek word knide. There are about 10,000 species mostly marine.


Cnidarians (Cnidaria) are a group of aquatic animals that includes jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, and hydras. The basic form of the cnidarian body is quite simple and consists of a gastrovascular cavity with a single opening through which food is ingested and waste is released. Cnidarians are radially symmetrical (a basic body plan in which the organism can be divided into similar halves by passing a plane at any angle along a central axis) and they have tentacles that encircle their mouth.


The body wall of cnidarians consists of an outer layer or epidermis, an inner layer or gastrodermis(the inner layer of cells that lines a gastrovascular cavity ), and a middle layer or mesoglea(translucent, non-living, jelly-like substance found between the two epithelial cell layers in the bodies of coelenterates). Continue reading